Stracth Shield

Although a healthy and non-stick coating, one of the enamel’s greatest weaknesses is its disposition to chipping and cracking.

Avşar Enamel removes this weakness by making enamel coating scratch and crack-resistant. PorSteel is highly durable even against abrasive materials and metal utensils, which makes it a healthier and more price-competitive alternative to other non-stick coatings of the modern market.

Reinforced Steel Body

Tempered at

850 °C

Avşar Enamel introduces easy-to-clean non-browning coating technology by PorSteel. PorSteel non-browning feature also locks the colors and patterns in for much longer removing the discoloration and browning from the equation.

By a process that involves exposing the coating to heat approximately 850° C several times, PorSteel coating achieves a durability level that has never been achieved in enamel technology before. Therefore PorSteel coating retains its colors and leaves no surface for soot to attach.

Durable, Energy-Efficient Body

A strong and resistant coating like PorSteel should be applied to a material that is on par with its strength to complement its durability.

Avşar enamel applied PorSteel coating to a tough steel body. Combined with the strength of the coating itself, the final product is a durable, reliable yet elegant product that can be used safely and healthily for decades, even generations.

Combined with smart design elements of the thermic base and the whole body, PorSteel products also offer energy efficiency and heating method flexibility. Either the heat source is a gas or induction stove, PorSteel absorbs and retains the heat efficiently.

Anti-Bacterial, Non-Reactive, and Healthy

PorSteel relies on, one of the safest materials, that has been known to humans: ceramic. Applied with a carefully devised, precisely applied method, it creates a very fine surface that even prevents the bacteria to attach on and multiply. In addition to preventing odor, this feature also makes PorSteel a very good container for preserving food inside a freezer or a refrigerator.

Ceramic is also non-reactive which protects the steel body from contacting the food inside and it doesn’t get involved in any kind of reaction even with the most acidic foods. PorSteel’s protective ability on steel eliminates the need for the use of nickel and some other materials to prevent rust.

All combined, these features of PorSteel makes is a very safe, very healthy, durable, and very easy-to-clean product.


Lively Colors

PorSteel coating locks the colors and patterns inside while keeping everything else like bacteria, acidic foods, and water away. This prolongs the life of the coloration making it being able to look vibrant and as new as the first day out of the production line even after thousands of washing later. Which gives the PorSteel it’s elegance and appealing look.